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World Hope Network is a vibrant global movement of people, dedicated to fighting poverty, and doing whatever is possible to get clean water, food, clothing, shelter, medical supplies and human assistance to wherever it is needed. We have a vision to then subsequently empower the recipients to do the same and not only receive hope, but to provide hope to others.
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Register your interest for 2017 World Hope Network Mission Trips!

The dates for the missions this year have now been set!

Cambodia 2017: 17th April - 27th April MISSION COMPLETED

Indigenous 2017: 21st June - 2nd July MISSION COMPLETED

Vietnam 2017: 14th September - 27th September MISSION FULLY SUBSCRIBED


Medical Trips need Non-Medical Staff

Our team sizes are usually around 50 people, however out of those 50 people, only 20-30% are medical staff. We need many skills from admin, to children and youth entertainment, music, logisitics, and many other roles.

To register your interest - please click on registration link below

Cambodia 2018 23rd Jan - 2nd Feb 2018 - REGISTER HERE


World Hope Public School


$50per year - 150 sponsors needed, or sponsor more than 1 child


$100per month
(8 teachers = 8 sponsors needed)


$70 per month
(1 sponsor needed)


$140 per month
(1 sponsor needed)

This is a long term project of World Hope Network. With Illiteracy at approximately 50% in Pakistan, and with most poor families unable to send their kids to school, we strongly believe that this is an important opportunity for us to concentrate on a long term vision of educating the next generation of Pakistani children.

Please contact for further information or to have someone speak with you.

You can also be involved in a number of other ways to contribute to the work World Hope is doing!

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