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Love will always win over Terror

Post by Daniel Zelli, World Hope Network CEO

This post is with reference to the suicide bombing which took place at Sehwan Shareef, Sindh. 70 people (20 children) have been killed and more than 150 have been wounded.


I have had enough of innocent people being harmed.  WE HAVE TO STOP FEAR SPREADING.  You could say that we have to wage war on fear.  To do this you have to know how to fight. You don't fight fear with fear.  I am determined to operate out of the opposite spirit.  The more terror - the more in intend to show love.  
These public displays of terror use fear to fight and control people.  We are going to use love to bless and release people.
The holy Scriptures say - "Perfect Love cast out all fear" 1 John 4:18  We want fear out of Pakistan.  So we are going to heap massive amounts of love on that nation.  

The Pakistani people are beautiful people.  We must help them. 


World Hope Network in partnership with partner Bloomfield Halls School is organising relief to the affected victims.  To that end, our team have already visited the site including the hospital in the area and carried out an assessment of the what is needed.  The intended relief effort is detailed below. The people of this area are extremely poor.  It is desirable that we join hands and support this cause.  All donations will be directed towards the project at hand with minimal funds reserved for administration costs.  All staff involved are volunteers. 


World Hope Network Pakistan has a strong team in Pakistan of 17 volunteer staff.  We have an 8-year working relationship with Bloomfield Hall School who partner with us to provide logistics,  additional volunteers and coordinate in-country fund-raising appeals.  

Emergency Relief
 According to the assessment, the immediate needs are as follows:
1. Medical equipment:
Wheelchairs, crutches, elbow crutches, elbow bandages, medicines        
2. Food groceries for 10 days (Family Vouchers)
3. Crisis counselling 

Stage Two Relief

1. Medical Clinics run
2.  Housing for displaced families
3. Housing and Shelter repairs and provisions

Financial help
We request that all our friends and partners please join hands with us and donate with generosity and take steps to give hope to those who don't have any. All donations are fully tax deductible.


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The dates for the missions this year have now been set!

Cambodia 17th April - 27th April

Indigenous 21st June - 2nd July

Vietnam 14th September - 27th September

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Cambodia 2016 - Medical Clinics and Greenhouse Construction

We are so thankful for the privilege to serve the Cambodian people and show them the love of God. Our team has been incredible witness of God's love and mercy. They have worked hard and God has rewarded their labour. more


Sisophon, Cambodia March 26

Greatly honoured by Cambodian Government today at the initiation of the new governor. Given front seat next to senior generals, diplomats, chief of staff Deputy PM, and Consulate General Vietnam. Special thanks to outgoing governor Mr Kousoum Saroeth, deputy governor Mr Oum Reatry and Dean of Humanities Professor Chiv Chiv Sarith
Picture shows address by deputy Prime Minister, His Excellency Sar Kheng. All this because we want to help people and show God's love practically.

Sisophon- Cambodia march 25

Just had official meeting with university. Door hasn't just opened - it has been blown off the hinges. We will be doing a full clinic with this university for all students, a biodiesel project and a potential night rally. I have now been asked to meet chief of staff, prime ministers office tomorrow - 2 meetings away from prime minister. Thank you mr Chiv Sarith. The Mission in July is taking some very exciting turns. Just unexplainable supernatural favour. Imagine if university of Queensland said come on to our campus - meet with each student personally. What an opportunity.

Phum Sophy, Cambodia – March 25

This is what the cross of Jesus is all about. One of the team evangelist started this humble church (we met the yesterday). Very remote- very poor - but full of joy in their salvation. Now 10 families strong. In July we will be working with this new church and doing a medical clinic near them. We have the opportunity to see this church grow x 10 through the mission.

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Whilst holidaying in NZ, a retiring nurse 'accidentally' rang World Hope Operations Manager, Dr Nicole Anderson, and ended up donating a Portable Ultra Sound machine to the World Hope Network Ministry.
We are so encouraged! What a difference that will make to the doctors in the field during our missions trips! read more..