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Motivated by compassion and love, we seek to help those who are in need independent of race, gender, status or belief.

All donations in Australia over $2 are tax deductible

Thank you to all the generous people around the world

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World Hope is about empowering people to find Hope!

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Donate to the World Hope Public School in Lahore, Pakistan

The first Hope Public School is now in it's 3rd year, and has over 140 students.

Sponsor A Child

$50 per year (150 sponsors needed) OR sponsor more than 1 child

Sponsor A Teacher

$100per month (8 teachers = 8 sponsors needed)

Sponsor the Janitor/ Caretaker

$70 per month (1 sponsor needed)

Sponsor School's Rent/ Supplies

$140 per month (1 sponsor needed)

World Hope Donations

All donations are tax deductible, if you would like to contribute to the work being done by World Hope Network. For more information click here

Latest News

World Hope Network Cambodia Medical Missions 2018

On the 23 rd January – 3 rd February World Hope Network went on a mission to Cambodia. This trip saw 61 people from at least 7 different countries come together to provide medical, dental and optical assistance. Assistance plus prayer for healing and salvation was provided at 5 clinics as we travelled Cambodia. 

CEO responds to interest in USA

The international CEO, Daniel Zelli, is responding to considerable interest in World Hope Network from people in the USA.

In his interview on Club 36, Watchman Broadcasting North Carolina, Daniel discusses the medical clinics and some of the miraculous events that have occurred in these clinics. 

Radio Interview with WUCC FM 99.9

In his radio interview with WUCC FM 99.9, Daniel discusses the motivation for World Hope Network and how some amazing doors have opened at government level.