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About Us



World Hope is about empowering people to find Hope!

We are a global network of people dedicated to helping others, independent of religion, race, gender or status. We often get asked "are you religious?" The answer to this is easy. We simply want to help people. We don't help people to make them Christians, we help people because we are Christians. And to that end, we are dedicated to fighting poverty, providing medical aid, shelter, food, clothing, education and doing whatever is possible to offer help and hope wherever it is needed.

The unique thing about World Hope is that everybody that works for World Hope Network is a volunteer.  No money is given to staff and all money raised it directed to the project at hand.

World Hope is a young organisation that has been built on the experience and vision of Daniel Zelli, the executive director and international chairman.   After eight years leadership experience in a leading Humanitarian Aid organisation, Daniel had the vision to go beyond providing Aid and work with nations to find solutions of hope within the nations themselves

Structurally, our head office is situated and governed by a board of directors in Australia.  For each country that World Hope is in, and will be in, it has a national office with local people on its board.  The only exception is the international chairman which sits on every national board. Each country has its own registered branch, with a local board and local staff.

World Hope is run according to Australian Tax Office guidelines for charitable organisations and maintains a high level of accountability and reporting in international offices.

Our mission is to be involved in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, community development and education. World Hope will help anybody in need independent of religion, race, gender or status.

Our values are:

Our motivation is compassion.

DanielZelliDaniel Zelli - CEO
Daniel is International Chairman, Executive Director, CEO Australia.
He is a former management consultant for Price Waterhouse Urwick, motivational speaker, trainer and businessman.

Dr Nicole Anderson

Dr Nicole Anderson - Operations Management

Nicole is a General Practitioner with 25 years’ experience working in New Zealand and Australia and internationally in Vietnam and Qatar. She has held leadership roles in many short-term medical and aid projects in developing countries and worked extensively in Indigenous Health in remote Australia


Colin WH

Colin Johnston CPA, GAICD - CFO & Company Treasurer

Colin is currently Managing Director of Barnabas Fund Australia Ltd, a Christian charity that provides aid to persecuted Christians around the world, with a focus mainly on Islamic countries. Colin has been MD since October 2012 and was a non-executive director from 2007 to 2012. Colin’s background is over 40 years working with multi-national companies providing financial and company secretarial services.


WayneDavisWayne Davis - Media

Wayne is a Film Producer / Director, Composer as well as an Audio Producer and Video Editor.
He has film directed (as well as composed) for various films & documentaries, (including "Hope in Rwanda" and "Helping Hands, Vietnam") music themes for television and radio, (including Olympic and Commonwealth Games themes for ABC) and had been a music director, and musician for various profile Australian artists.