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Project Aims: Food relief and Education

The children in the villages of Myanmar were significantly deprived because of Covid-19. In addition to a food shortage for them and their families, schooling has been neglected and abandoned.


In two initial phases, the project will contain

  1. A crisis release is being implemented to provide food for 50 children and their families.
  2. We will provide educational tools for these children to help them continue and catch up with schooling.

Project Leader: Rev Go Mun Thang

Mun Thang is a director and president of Emmanuel Theological Seminary (ETS) in Kalaymyo, Myanmar. Mun Thang will be the person responsible and accountable for this project.

Bumese Kids jumping
  Fundraising Application   $1000 (AUD) Crisis food relief $4000 (AUD) Resources for schooling, sanitation, essentials items and nutrition