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World Hope Network Cambodia Medical Missions 2018 report

On the 23 rd January – 3 rd February World Hope Network went on a mission to Cambodia. This trip saw 61 people from at least 7 different countries come together to provide medical, dental and optical assistance. Assistance plus prayer for healing and salvation was provided at 5 clinics as we travelled Cambodia.

The provinces we visited included:

  1. Svay Rieng
  2. Beantey Meanchey
  3. Kampong Thom
  4. Kampong Thma
  5. Seam Riep

Total patient seen over 5 clinics: 835
Total salvations: 450

The mission and the outreach as a whole was very successful. With such a great team how could we expect any different. To get a clearer understanding of the diversity in our team, here is a breakdown of the size of our team.

WEEK 1 – 48 people
International: 34 people
National: 14 people

WEEK 2 – 61 people
International: 38 people
National: 23 people

"My highlights, were the exceptional times of love, joy and laughter we all had together. Diverse ages and backgrounds, but unity of purpose. We were like a well functional family. It was the most exhausting experience I've had, but, also the most fulfilled I've ever been."

- Jill Lee (International)

"We bring joy to everyone who is poor. We can make a difference so it must start from us first. We thought in positive ways, no judgment toward each other. We are different nations but we are the same the direction."

- Chouly Mech (National)

The Process

Every person that went through the clinic had to go through a process. This process started at registration. People then went to triage, and from triage split off to see either a health educator, doctor, dentist or went to get optical assistance. Once the person saw whom they needed to see they were brought to the evangelism team. If a person accepted Jesus, the local partnering churches took their contact information and followed them up.

1. Statistics from Clinics

Clinic 1: Big Wat of Pong Toek Village, Pong Toek Commune, Romdoul District, Svay Rieng Province.

Every person that went through the clinic had to go through a process. This process started at registration. People then went to triage, and from triage split off to see either a health educator, doctor, dentist or went to get optical assistance. Once the person saw whom they needed to see they were brought to the evangelism team. If a person accepted Jesus, the local partnering churches took their contact information and followed them up.

Clinic 1

Patients seen: 207
Glasses: 266
Dental patients: 30
Tooth extracted: 60
Surgery: Removal of cyst at the back of neck

Heard but yet to receive: 69
Left without hearing the gospel: 9
Yes: 129

"The glasses team worked so well together to overcome the barriers of serving cross culturally. It was such a blessing to see the joy on faces when we gave them the correct pair of glasses and they could see clearly."

- Rachel Persson (International)

"One of the moments God revealed his supernatural wisdom and guidance on the Cambodia trip. We were looking for glasses for one of the gentleman. We were having trouble finding a pair that suited him. You see, one of his eyes were a different strength to the other. GOD guided us right to the glasses after we prayed. To which the man was over joyed."

- Melody Apurel (International)

Clinic 2: One Way Mission of Mekong River. Keab Village, Teakthla Commune, Beantey Meanchey Province.

After a 10-hour bus trip the day before, the under 50’s joined the over 50’s to tackle the second clinic. Clinic 2 ran really smoothly. There was no discrimination when it came to the patients that we saw. Patients backgrounds varied from children and mothers to generals and secretaries. If someone needed a Cyst removed, it was removed. If they needed glasses, then glasses were given. Below is a breakdown of the statistics from Clinic 2.

Clinic 2

Patients seen: 133
Glasses: 84
Dental patients: 14
Tooth extracted: 29
Dental filling: 4
Surgery: Removal of Chalazion Right eye, Removal of Cyst at back of neck

Already Christian: 20
Heard but yet to receive: NA
No: NA
Yes: 81

"I really happy to see Cambodian people happy when they got glasses, medicine, …… and thank WORLD HOPE for this trip."

- Ung Tekboung (National)

Clinic 3: Under someone’s house, Dumbok Ampil Village, Santuk District, Baray Community.

It was on red dust and under someone’s house that we held the third clinic. At Clinic 3 a team of three others from Mission Direct joined us. They were really supportive. Mission Direct taught people on the importance of health education. It is because of their generous help more patients were seen and excitingly, 126 people gave their hearts to Jesus.

Take a moment to look over the Clinic 3 statistics:

Clinic 3

Patients seen: 186
Glasses: 141
Dental patients: 23
Tooth extracted: 75
Surgery: Excision of lipoma back of neck, Excision of neck papilloma, Dressing of a foot sarcoma.

Already Christian: 31
Left without hearing the gospel: 2
Yes: 126
No: 27

"In working as a team and a family, it was great to experience the unity that was also brought to the community. I could see the hope and interest it sparked in God’s love and character."

- Bianca Ramirez (International)

"Cambodia, kingdom of wonders and feeling warmth!!"

- Tay Tay (National)

Clinic 4: Treuy Myab New Life Fellowship church, Treuy Myab Village, Brasat Commune, Snthok District, Kampong Thom Province.

The dental and medical team did impressive work at the fourth clinic. With only 42 dental patients, the dental team managed to extracted an impressive 125 teeth. A highlight from this clinic was the valuable experience that two of the qualified nurses gained whilst working beside veteran doctors, as they worked hard to remove unwanted medical concerns from people.

Clinic 4

Patients seen: 197
Glasses: 143
Dental patients: 43
Toothbrushes given: 197
Surgery: Removal of ganglion right hand, Drainage of abscess right pelvis.

Already Christian: 85
No: 37
Yes: 75

"Praise God...2018 started off Missions to Cambodia. I’m privileged to be with World Hope. Going from my comfort zone to the villages...not only lives are changed but it brought a big change in my life. I had pastors around with me partnering in His great commission. Souls were added... miracles took place and many were re dedicated to God to start a new life again. Its such a joy to be serving in Cambodia."

- Vijay Abel (Pastor)

Clinic 5: New Life Fellowship Srey Snam new church building, Chouy Neang Ngoun Village, Choy Neang Nguon Commune, Srey Snam District, Seam Riep Province.

(4 hour clinic)

The Nationals and Internationals worked so unified that they saw some incredible miracles. At every clinic we went to each team had at their station at least one National to help translate. The Nationals were fundamental to conveying information and translating the Father’s love. This was especially so when it came to the healing and the evangelism team. Deaf ears heard again, blind eyes were opened, pain left bodies and so many more amazing miracles were observed.

So incredible were these miracles that the families that heard of the healing wanted to go straight to the healing and evangelist station.

Clinic 5

Patients seen: 112
Glasses: 43
Dental patients: 10
Tooth extracted: 10
Dental cyst: 1
Dental fillings: 1
Dental- Medication to 3 patients
Surgery: Removal of implantation dermoptera, Removal of Multilocular sebaceous cyst/abscess.

Already Christian: 46
No: 27
Yes: 39

"Everyone that came [to the fifth clinic] has been healed. So whatever their complaint has been they have left without that pain. They have either reported that they have not had it or it’s actually been tested. We’ve had a man who was mute speak. We’ve had people with deaf ears, who couldn’t hear, hear for the very first time. And we’ve had many people who could not see out of one eye, absolutely see for the very first time. It’s just been incredible. It’s incredible. It’s just incredible. Praise God."

- Lionel Rattenbury (Pastor)

"Just seeing their faces – you know – when they are touched. You can’t deny that they have been healed cause you can see it in their face. It’s just life changing."

- Megan Howell (International)

2. Outreach

On the 26th January 2018 a Christian outreach and concert was done in Sisophon, Beantey Meanchey Provincial Building (equivalent to City Hall in the western world). It was a really successful outreach and concert. Ps Katherine Ruonala was the main speaker for the night. When a call for salvation and healing was made, quite a number of people responded and were healed and accepted Jesus into their hearts.

Worship and entertainment contained skits. Additionally, modern and traditional Khmer dance was performed in partnership with New Life Fellowship Poipet and Ps Chin.

Ps Daniel Zelli

Ps Katherine Ruonala

3. Professional Dinner

On the 27th January 2018 a Professional dinner took place in partnership with Mr Borin (CCC). Dr Jason Pireh was the keynote speaker with a panel consisting of Ps Katherine Ruonala, Ps Daniel Zelli, Lionel Rattenbury. They answered any question thrown at them from the crowd.

4. Partnerships

World Hope Network had the privilege of partnering with a number of Cambodian Church and Organisations over the course of this trip.

  1. New Life Fellowship Phnom Penh, Ps Jesse McCaul
  2. New Life Fellowship Patient Care Ministries, Donnie Sargeant and Rina Sorn
  3. Mission Direct UK, Dr Anthony Clarke
  4. Ps Samoeun Visal, Harvest Training Cambodia
  5. Ps Chinn, One Way Mission of Mekong River Church
  6. Marlin and Srey Own Petersheim, Overland Missions
  7. Jeremy Fontenot, River of Life, Siem Reap
  8. New Life Fellowship Poipet, Ps Chea Vearia and Ps Leakhena Ten
  9. New Life Fellowship Treuy Myab, Ps Sophal
  10. New Life Fellowship Srey Snam, Ps Zac
  11. Ps Kea and Esther Ding, Kg Thom

5. Equipment

The equipment is now stored in a clean room at a house of a friend from MMC. A contract of $USD 70 + $USD 30 (donated) = $100 per month. A 10-month forward payment has been made up to December 2018. Next payment due is in January 2019. Arrangements can be made through Luci or Makara for future payments.


55 World Hope volunteers volunteers conduct Medical Clinics and Greenhouse construction in Cambodia

We are so thankful for the privilege to serve the Cambodian people and show them the love of God. Our team has been incredible witness of God's love and mercy. They have worked hard and God has rewarded their labour. Thank you God for a great trip to Cambodia.

Projects: Medical Clinics and Greenhouse construction

No of clinics: 6

Team Size: 55 people

No of Patients: 1069

No of Dental Patients: 141

No of tooth extractions: 282

Glasses handed out: 720

No of people who accepted Christ for the first time: 374

Numerous miracles recorded, 3 of which we have absolute confidence to publish.

The construction team worked with the Department of Agriculture to finalise the Stage 1: Green House Project. (Green house is as big as an aircraft hangar). Congratulations to the construction team and Mr Graham Miller for your engineering skills but also you servant and Christ like leadership. The students are responding well to the team.


World Hope receives portable Ultrasound Machine

On the 2nd day of our NZ vacation, we were kindly offered a house-sit at my GP colleagues’ home in Christchurch while they were on holiday. On the 1st morning the phone rang which I just reached on its last ring.

The caller was Jenny – who recognised my voice despite it being well over 10 years since we last spoke. She said she was phoning to ask if my GP friend knew of any organisation that would be interested in her series of foetal models (conception to birth) and other pregnancy education tools -since she was retiring. For decades, Jenny had worked voluntarily in High schools to educate teenagers about pregnancy and the miracle of the unborn child. I quickly said yes I did!... and explained how they would be valuable tools for World Hope Network’s emerging medical education work in Cambodia.

And then Jenny asked….”well….would you be interested in a portable ultrasound scan machine too then? It all fits into a laptop bag!” Of course!

And so – World Hope has its first piece of Imaging equipment as well as beautiful foetal models… Praise God for this very unexpected provision!

Dr Nicole Anderson

A Tribute to Cat Cowie

At the end of October, a very close friend, ministry colleague and beautiful person, Mrs Cat Cowie collapsed and died suddenly. She was young, fit had just had her miracle baby. She was dearly loved by many and highly respected by all. My love and heart goes out to the friend and family and especially Breno Cowie. I hold her up as an inspirational role model. She deserved this title in many ways, loving, kind, disciplined, great mother, loving wife, active in church life, great preacher and compassionate leader. However if I want to list one of the most inspirational aspects of Cat's life - that is her walk with God. She was attractive as a person, but not just because she was a great person, but she had a close walk with God. That made her attractive in ways that in gender deep respect, acknowledge an inner cohesion and peace, built up your faith, gave her leadership authority and an anointing that impacted you. I am always encouraged and inspired by this about her. She has been and will continue to be blessing to all her knew her. Here is a tribute to Cat, who help pioneer the Vietnam mission trip in 2011.

2 Cor 4:7 "But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may also be revealed in our mortal body."
We love you Cat - Thanks for being a blessing... Daniel Zelli, World Hope Network CEO


Operation Follow Up

We had the wonderful privilege of seeing so many people embracing the Christian faith during the World Hope medical mission to Cambodia in June/July. We are absolutely committed to follow up each and every person, so we have begun OPERATION FOLLOW UP.

World Hope Network is working with the local Christian Ministers fraternal to resource and coordinate the follow up people desiring Christian living and practice in their communities.

World Hope Network has taken a step of faith in commissioning this operation, however we need your help to raise money for this project.

Can you please consider donating to ensure the follow up and time spent with every single new Christian from our last missions trip. Please click on the below PayPal link to donate-


Concert in Sisaphon, Cambodia

This year WHn partnered with Albany Hills Christian Church. Because of WHn's contacts in the government and reputation in the country, WHn helped AHCC get permission for their concert. The concert was a great success. Here is a picture of WHn volunteers praying for people who responded to an invitation of prayer at the concert. There was easily over 1000 people in attendance. Well done Albany Hills CC for this concert vision. It was good to work with this church and it in the future, WHn wants to partner and help many more churches in this way.


Possible Hospitals for WHN in Cambodia

Two unused hospital facilities were shown to World Hope Network.  There are talks of a joint project with the Prime Ministers Office and also a representative and General from the Cambodian army.  WHn is in the process of evaluating vision, scope and capacity to determine whether the a long term medical strategy is consistent with the overall vision and purpose of World Hope Network.  Talks are ongoing.

Cambodia 2015 medical

Partnering Churches Claim Miracle Healing

At the end of a clinics the local church partners in conjunction with World Hope Network offer prayer to any person who so desires it. This is done by invitation and it is not a requirement that any person accept this offer, World Hope Network medically verified 3 transformations of physical conditions.

World Hope Network report:

  1. A lame man walks: we are trying to confirm the presenting doctor but confirmed as the World Hope CEO has the crutch!
  2. A bent over woman due to arthritis: Could hardy walk. Nicknamed Lady No 7 in community. This person could not walk but then she could walk and stand straight after prayer. More information can be found on the World Hope Facebook page. Presenting and confirming doctor: Dr Malcom Hughes.
  3. The "Cane Lady": Her back and hips fused and in pain. Carried around by team as in such severe pain. This person was unable to walk prior to prayer. Video of her dancing after receiving prayer on the World Hope Facebook page. Presenting and confirming doctor: Dr Nicole Anderson.

Other miracles observed and claimed but these have not been confirmed.


Pakistan news stories on World Hope relief

Three Pakistani news crews have filmed a news report showing our local World Hope Network team in Pakistan, as they prepare flood relief packages for distribution, in partnership with the Bloomfield Hall School in Lahore.

This flood relief is taking place in the Chiniot District, where food packages (consisting of around 3 weeks supplies) will be given to around 200 families. The team (with the help of World Hope donations) are so very thankful for the actions, thoughts and prayers of all World hope partners and members. A big thank you!


World Hope in Normanton

The World Hope CEO lead a team of volunteers to Normanton and Doomagee in September to be involved with local community projects and youth workl.

For photos and stories from our previous Normanton trip, visit our facebook page

Helping Hands

"Hands used to playing guitar chords on stages around southern Queensland were busy helping build homes in Vietnam recently, as Toowoomba musician, and former ABC Grandstand producer, Wayne Davis travelled overseas with a volunteer group." more - interview on the ABC


Over 850 patients treated in 4 days

World Hope's medical team and volunteers, recently treated 853 patients in 4 days. Not only have the local villagers in rural regions Kampong Channg and Battambang been filled with joy and thankfulness, but so has the local government. The minister for culture and religion in one of the regions said they "welcome Christian people like World Hope into their communities." The local pastor is now part of a new level of influence in his community, with the local government expressing appreciation that Christians (both locally and from abroad) are helping people. For all the news and photos, visit our facebook page


August 2013 Pakistan Floods

As World Hope did in 2009 and 2011, we are urgently seeking to help more flood affected people who have lost everything in Pakistan. The district of Rajanpur in the south western part of the Punjab province, was hit hard by the August floods this year, with many homes having been washed away.

The local government has asked World Hope to be involved, and our team have been on the scene, and have completed a field report.

We have identified 1500 families (which average 9 members in one family) making for approximately 13,500 individuals for World Hope to provide relief work.

This aid kits (including food, medicine, clean drinking water, bedding, mattresses, clothes, stoves etc) will provide instant relief to flood victims who have lost their belongings in the heavy flooding.

Your help would be most appreciated, and have an immediate impact.

Australian and International Donations can be made via credit card (via our donate button / donate page) or by bank transfer. (Ref: Pakistan)

Direct Deposits

Bank- NAB
Account name - World Hope Network
BSB - 082401
Acc - 834357911

Pakistan donations from within Pakistan can be made via bank transfer to:

Bank of Punjab, Chouburji
Branch: Lahore Branch Code #: 0048
Account Name: World Hope Welfare Network
Acc #: 2740-000-7
Swift Code: BPUNPKKA002


World Hope's first "Hope Public School" started

The first Hope Public School System was started as an initiative of World Hope Pakistan in 2010. All funds were raised and supported from within Pakistan.
The school is in a poor village in Lahore. The teachers are volunteers and/or are on a very minimal wage supported by our local World Hope Welfare Network, Pakistan.  The school is religiously open, and targets poor and disadvantaged kids.

There are currently 130 children in the school, along with 3 teachers. (one of which is the principle) In 2011, we are looking to raise funds for to equip the school and students with warm, winter uniforms and a desk/chair for each child to get them of the cold ground.

More information on this project, along with sponsorship details will be coming soon.

This is a long term project of World Hope Network. With Illiteracy at approximately 50% in Pakistan, and with most poor families unable to send their kids to school, we strongly believe that this is an important opportunity for us to concentrate on a long term vision of educating the next generation of Pakistani children.