Self sustainability fish farms

Cambodia Fish Farms is a self sustainability partnership project with Carriers of Hope, Cambodia. The goal is to provide many families with a simple fish farm (aquaponics system) in rural and remote Cambodian villages with our partner, Carriers of Hope.

If you would like to make a general donation of $100 to a fish farm, please do so via the donate button in the navigation menu (reference- FISH).

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Please contact [email protected] for further information or to have someone speak with you.
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The Hope Public School System

The first Hope Public School System was started as an initiative of World Hope Pakistan in 2010. All funds were raised and supported from within Pakistan. The school is in a poor village in Lahore. The teachers are volunteers and/or are on a very minimal wage supported by our local World Hope Welfare Network, Pakistan. The school is religiously open, and due to limited job opportunities and oppression in the area, the school targets poor and disadvantaged kids for educating.

There are currently 130 children in the school, along with 6 teachers. (one of which is the principal). The teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. The principal is a Muslim lady who is experienced in education and volunteers her time. The main male teacher earns a minimal wage and has his accommodation supported by a local Christian church. The other teachers are young women who have been rescued from extremist areas and are the result of the adult education curriculum.

In 2011, we are looking to raise funds to equip the school and students with warm winter uniforms and a desk / chair for each child to get them off the cold ground.

This is a long term project of World Hope Network. With Illiteracy at approximately 50% in Pakistan, and with most poor families unable to send their kids to school, we strongly believe that this is an important opportunity for us to concentrate on a long term vision of educating the next generation of Pakistani children.

Sponser A Child

$50 per year (150 sponsors needed) OR sponsor more than 1 child

Sponser A Teacher

$100per month (8 teachers = 8 sponsors needed)

Sponser the Janitor/ Caretaker

$70 per month (1 sponsor needed)

Sponser School's Rent/ Supplies

$140 per month (1 sponsor needed)