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Megan Williamson's Wellbeing Project

Megan Williamson is a passionate teacher, trainer and youth wellbeing advocate. With 10 years of teaching and youth work experience, Megan is partnering with Youth Wellbeing Project this year to help educate, equip and empower parents, leaders, teachers and young people on how to respond proactively and preventatively to the evolving demands of the digital age. She is passionate about establishing both preventative and restorative programs and resources in response to the sexual harms and risks young people are presented with through our hypersexualised culture and pornography.

Youth Wellbeing Project provides holistic relationships & sexuality education to prevent sexual harms, enhance children and young people’s relationships, and build resilience to the hyper-sexualised culture we live in. Youth Wellbeing Project has set a new benchmark in relationships and sexuality education for young people and is impacting Australia and beyond. Thier presentations, programs and professional development help young people make sense of the world’s mixed messages and inspire them to live a life of worth, confidence and purpose. To find out more about the programs and workshops YWP run, and how they can benefit you and your organisation visit

By partnering with Megan on a monthly basis you enable her to:

  • Develop PREVENTATIVE programs and curriculum resources for high through to low income nations. These programs help to work preventatively to reduce the dangers/likelihood of sexual harm, sexual exploitation and other mental, physical and social dangers associated with our hyper-sexualised culture.
  • Develop and conduct training programs for leaders, teachers, parents and staff. Empowering them to respond proactively and protectively to the real life child safety concerns associated with pornography.
  • Develop and conduct in school workshops for students. Working to establish a deep understanding of healthy identity, healthy relationships and healthy choices.

Through these and other initiatives, YWP is working to shift the hyper sexualised culture of our nation and others, empowering a generation of people to make healthy, sustainable and value driven choices today and for the future.

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